Coming to a Close

After many, many months of: And a very, very long time: The last few weeks have been all about sharing what I’ve learned. This consisted of two events: the Weekend of Excellence poster session and the Ramonat Final Colloquium. For both events we had in-class prep work to ensure decent-looking posters and cohesive speeches. In the end, though, both instructors remained highly encouraging. The poster session, which involved scary moments of reliving my elementary school poster-envy for those blessed with any whiff of aesthetic or spacial sensibilities, bolstered my confidence. Suddenly, maybe, perhaps, sort of, I knew stuff about Tivoli. … Continue reading Coming to a Close

The Absent Abstract

If you’ve been keeping up with the Ramonat life, you’ll notice that there’s been a slew of abstracts posted. Wait no more for the last one! The Tivoli experience is here: “Farm with a View: The Passion, Piety, and Pandemonium of Rural Catholic Worker Life at Tivoli” My research seeks to reconsider the Tivoli Farm (1964-1978) within the broader context of changes within the Catholic Worker and broader cultural shifts. Although my paper focuses only on the Tivoli period, knowledge of the two farms which bracket it, Staten Island (1950-1964) and Marlboro (1980-present day), is critical for understanding the shift … Continue reading The Absent Abstract

First Draft: a Tale of 2 (dozen) GIFs

The title is a bit of a lie. I don’t feel that I’ve truly turned in a first draft. Typically with a paper there is a particular point for me when it feels like a draft is complete, ready to be printed, set aside, then follow the same process I have since high school: Editing then commences. As I find it really, really difficult to read something well on a screen, it’s all pen, paper, and, yes, pacing. Somewhere in the editing, rewriting commences, again, best done by hand and scrawled all over the draft. Type up, highlighting additions to … Continue reading First Draft: a Tale of 2 (dozen) GIFs

The Outline

My week’s goals thus far: -partake in first harvest of season (Girl Scout cookies) -order sandals as a welcoming sign for spring -turn in outline So far (amazingly for a Monday) all of them have been accomplished ahead of time and under budget. This time last night I was settling into outlining after spending the afternoon at the Archives. New ideas swirling, old ideas swirling, Thank You’s munched (and being offered to roommates so that I wouldn’t be saddled with the knowledge that I’d eaten the whole package by myself), I sat down to organize. Although I’ve been percolating on … Continue reading The Outline

Deciphering Dorothy

And so we find ourselves once more, sifting through the aftermath of the (sniffle) last speaker in our series, attempting to figure out where to place its content. Perhaps it’s simply the passage of time and the wearing away of whatever the source of my resistance is, but… *gulp* I feel that I’m beginning to get a sense of who Dorothy was. As a person. The official prompt for this post is to focus on the symposium and lecture, but this segment of the tale begins before that. We’re heading back to the Marquette Archives. As mentioned in my previous … Continue reading Deciphering Dorothy

Megabus + Milwaukee

Exciting news! I’m going on my first Megabus trip! Yes, this does feel like I’m finally getting some long-lingering Core requirement checked off just in time for graduation in May (*deep breath.deep breath*). And where, exactly, might we (i.e. me) be going? To the Marquette Dorothy Day Archives! Yup, it’s to the road to seek fame, fortune, and farm records. In percolating on what to focus in on for this blog post, I figured that one way to narrow in on my scope, as per Dr. Nickerson’s suggestions at the end of last semester, would be to focus in on … Continue reading Megabus + Milwaukee

Breaking Bread: Student (Begrudgingly) Selects Topic

And so we end this semester exactly where I didn’t want to be at the beginning: focusing on the Catholic Worker for my project. It’s hard for me to explain why specifically I didn’t want to continue with the CW + DD life for my project. Perhaps it’s easiest to just sum it up as wanting to take my own path. I felt that I’d read about this movement for a semester and didn’t feel overly connected. When I set out looking for a topic for the upcoming crucible, I figured that topics could come and go, but that I’d … Continue reading Breaking Bread: Student (Begrudgingly) Selects Topic